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The following sections contain a mountain of information. Most of the time you will not be interested in it, who wants to read about insurance ?. However a time could come when you are about to make a claim and then you might just be grateful for some of the information contained within these web pages.

The information contained in the car insurance and home insurance pages was all written by “The Claims Guru”. He had worked in the claims offices of several leading UK insurance companies and wanted to write down some information that could help the customers of the companies that he had worked for. I’m sure that you’ll agree that he did an amazing job.

The Claims Guru was kind enough to allow us to use his content on our site. However, he’s very much a traditionalist. He believes in the traditional way of selling insurance, through a broker, complete with the personal service provided by such people. Rather than change his text in any way, we would just like to point out that for the average man in the street, with no unusual requirements insurance wise, it is normally much cheaper to buy car, home and liability insurance online. The use of a price comparison website such as Instant Online Insurance will get you the best possible prices for bog standard policies. And don’t forget that at every renewal you should go back to the price comparison website and get new quotes. Insurance companies rely on the fact that the majority of people will take the easy way out and renew their policy, usually at inflated prices. Insurance companies offer the best deals to new customers because they know that lots of them will then renew year after year.

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