Exhibitors & Stallholders Insurance

Exhibitors & Stallholders Insurance

The risks with exhibitions are high and you need the right exhibitors liability insurance to cover them. Public liability is a must, protecting you from claims from members of the public, or even other exhibitors, should any damage be done to people or their possessions by an accident. Most people and organisations holding events will demand that exhibitors take out their own exhibition public liability insurance, in which case you will need to present valid certificates.

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Exhibition booths by their very nature are lightweight, temporary and intrinsically unsafe. You only need your nameplate to fall onto a passing member of the public to find yourself facing a pretty big damages claim. As with any accident, if it’s foreseeable then we can do our best to ensure that it doesn’t happen but we’re talking accidents here and it’s those that you simply can’t imagine happening that can cause us so many problems. That’s the reason for insurance, it gives us peace of mind by protecting us against the unexpected. If you are planning on taking other members of your staff with you to help out then you should add employers liability cover to your quote (simply tick a box on the form).

Incidentally, if you’re planning on exhibiting at more than one event during the year then click the button that gets a quote for a multiple event policy, they are much cheaper than buying individual policies for a number of events.

In order to get a quote simply click on this link and you’ll be taken to a simple online application process. The system will give you a quote without you having to supply your personal details and if you are happy with the cover and price offered it’s a very straight-forward process to buy a policy online within a few short minutes. The policy documents will be emailed to you immediately, no need to wait for the postman to deliver your insurance certificate before you can produce the documents demanded by the local council, event organiser or landlord of the event venue. Throughout the online process there are Help buttons that you can click on at any stage if you require assistance.