Insurance For One-Off Events

One-off Events

Third party liability event insurance will almost certainly be necessary for any kind of one-off event; be it a party, an exhibition or in fact anything that is taking place in a location where you have to pay to use it. Event insurance will protect the organisers from claims for any damage to other people’s property or injury to their person.

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Sadly, we now live in a world dominated by the blame culture, a world where common sense is no longer to be relied upon. When an accident occurs the first thought in some people’s minds is ‘who can I blame’, swiftly followed by ‘can I make money out of this?’.

If you are involved in the organisation of a one-off event you may not have too much experience in event insurance and what risks you need to insure against. The online form will help you choose exactly what cover you need, and not paying for any unnecessary extras will keep the costs down. Just click on the link above and we’ll take you through a speedy online application process. You can get a quote without having to supply all of your personal details and if you like the cover and price offered it’s a simple process to purchase online within a matter of minutes. Your policy documents will be emailed to you immediately, no more waiting for the postman to deliver your insurance certificate before you can produce the documents to the local council, event organiser or landlord of the event venue. To assist you throughout the process there are Help buttons that you can click on at any stage if you require assistance.